Cosmograms + Pompeions

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The catalogue edition of the Architecture of the Processional City atelier is now available to view online. Co-edited by Olivia Paine, Raphaé Memon and James Taylor-Foster, this publication gives a concise overview of the research and design work undertaken by the atelier of 2013/2014.

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12 Projects, 1 Site

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Exhibition build [part 2]

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Exhibition build [part 1]

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Procession of cyclists

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Photograph from 2:55pm Sat 17 May 2014, as the procession passed Wilmslow Road.

Table as module for display

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In light of exhibition preparations, here is an innovative way to display work using the table as a key module. Photograph from visit to Architectural Association Summer Show 2013.

A Study of Ritual in the Built Environment

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” The public want traditional acts to reinforce their sense of inhabiting a transhistorical environment. ” – David Wiles, A Short History of Performance Space

Below is a short study of ritual activity and it’s relationship to the built environment.
The order and rhythm of ritualistic events is distorted but consistently present. We explored the idea that the foreground, background and mid-ground host spaces of reward or denial. Denial and reward is part of the process of creating a charged moment. Visualising an area you want to be, whilst standing in an area you don’t want to, charges the moment of the encounter.
A communal movement as a body of people enforces and furthers belief. The example above shows how movement and alignment strengthens belief. The experience of a charged moment (from alignment as shown) can be interpreted as increasing spiritual health.

Denial Diagram_2
Denial Diagram – Marian Procession, Rusholme, Manchester

The two grey strips are the area of denial and the white strip inbetween is the reward.